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Al-Taqrib - A Journal of Islamic Unity

Updated September 01, 2012

Al-Taqrib Journal (Islamic Rapproachment)

Taqrib Journal, Number 3

The Transcendent Unity of Religions

Winter 2008

The diversity of religions does not demonstrate the incorrectness of the various doctrines of the supernatural. It rather shows that revelation lies beyond the formal, whereas human comprehension has a formal nature....The diversity on the contrary arises from human nature....

Taqrib Journal, Number 4

The Metaphysics of Interfaith Dialogue

Winter 2009

For Muslims living at a time when the alternative to dialogue is not just diatribe but violent clash, the imperative of highlighting that which unites the different religions, of upholding and promoting the common spiritual patrimony of mankind, is of the utmost urgency....

Taqrib Journal, Number 5

Civilizational Dialogue and Mysticism

November 2009

Each particular religion vehicles the Absolute, even while being distinct from It: the absoluteness of a religion resides in its supra-formal, transcendent essence, while, in its formal aspect, the same religion is necessarily relative....

Taqrib Journal, Number 6

The Divine Word and Islamic Art

March 2010

Islamic art is the product of principles which teach man how to make, so that the Divine Word is reflected in human life and so that through what man makes and the objects that surround his life he is able to remain in the remembrance of God's Word....

Taqrib Journal, Number 7

Paradigms of Islamic Unity

November 2010

Unity is based upon the coming together of the hearts; disunity is their being dispersed. Disunity is a sign of an absence of true intellectuality....“You suppose them to be a united body, but their hearts are disunited. That is because they are a people who do not use their intellect.” (Qur'an 59:14)

Taqrib Journal, Number 8

Unity Through the Prism of the Heart

April 2011

There are many Holy Scriptures as there are many Holy messengers. It follows therefore that the spiritual highway has many lanes. To quibble with this, from within the perspective of any one religion is to be sanctimonious rather than spiritual. Within this sanctimony lies the danger of constricting the “heart” and thereby missing the Truth. Yes, within religions there are human innovations and resultant half-truths....Yet the word of God is discernible as it is living and immutable....

Taqrib journal is a journal of Islamic unity promoting co-operation between the different schools of thought. It is compiled and edited by Shuja Mirza and Sayyid Husayn Hashimi under the auspices of the "World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought". It is made available for download on Islam from Inside at the request of the editors.

Taqrib journal may also be downloaded from Al-Taqrib. If you would like a hardcopy subscription to the journal (at no charge) contact the editor at

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