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Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

The Role of Love in the Qur'anic Worldview

Islam from inside podcast

Added Added Jan 31, 2010

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This is from a recording made by a good friend at a recent public lecture given by William Chittick at Carleton University.[1]

The lecture centers around a ubiquitously well known verse in the Qur'an, a verse described by Sam'ani as a "body-melting, heart-burning" verse: "He loves them, and they love Him." It's a verse which Chittick has touched upon again and again in his many works and which he turns to with a more focused intent in this particular lecture. Chittick's lectures are a delight to attend as he weaves beautifully insightful tapestries of traditional Islamic thought in a very expressive manner. He also has a delightful sense of humor that comes through in his physical expressiveness and his turn of phrase.

I approached him for permission after the lecture to make this available online and he graciously granted it. The lecture is also available as a podcast. You can listen to it here or subscribe/listen to it as a podcast in your favorite podcast app.

The Role of Love in the qur'anic Worldview (.m4a audio file)



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  • 1 – At this particular lecture, his microphone was not working well and so the audio volume is very low and the background sounds are quite loud - I've tried to boost the audio to compensate but it may be necessary for listeners to turn up the volume to clearly hear the lecture.

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